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What is i-MVO?


i-MVO My Virtual Office is a platform where

1 ․ You can use different services online in 1 place.

2․It is possible to rent a virtual office to organize your own services online, modernizing your own business through business tools և technologies.

3․Become part of a secure online business network և find partners without barriers.

What are the Advantages?


Joining us 

  • there will be no need to go to different places for various services, wasting time on traffic jams,

  • hire different specialists and pay extra taxes,

  • both services and office are available everywhere,

  • working in a virtual office, there is no need to rent a large office, spend money on additional equipment,

  • it will be possible to provide services without territorial barriers,

  • keep pace with the times and be a leader in the certain fields.

How to join?


  • select the package

  • send application to join

  • sign the contract

  • make a payment

  • connect to i-MVO.


  • select the required service here

  • make the payment according to the sent invoice

  • join corresponding specialist in our virtual office and get the service.

* If necessary, contact us here or get an online consultation.

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